About Us

BIA s an agricultural consortium composed by organic fruit and vegetables producers.
It was born in 2011, thanks to the intuition of a group of farms already specialized for 20 years in the sector of organic agriculture. Our members consider the aggregation as the best way to directly reach Italian and foreign customers of the mass distribution circuit and organic specialized stores, without relying on commercial operators.

The pros of aggregating are mainly three:

  • Grant a safe and genuine supply chain to our final customer. In fact, this way we can demonstrate unequivocally the exact origin of each of our products.
  • Reduce the cost of our products for the dealers and for the final customers.
  • Increase the income of the organic agriculture-specialized farms.

Today, Bia is composed by eleven farms and each of them is the leader of their own productions.
Its management board is composed directly by the farmers.

All members of Bia share the same values, which have set the ground for its development and growth. It is a system of agricultural production which respects not only the environment, but also the social context it works within.

BIA represents the first Italian productive business dealing with organic fresh fruit and vegetables. Beyond 3000 hectares of production land and beyond 800000 quintals of organic fruit and vegetables. It is an excellence we are proud to represent beyond the borders as well.