Palermo project

In some territories, where our main warehouses are located, we are organizing projects aimed at helping the local land to solve out some social issues.


In the land of Palermo, where there are a large number of immigrants arrived in the variosu sicilian ports and where youth unemployment is very high, we have started  a reception project and the start of regular agricultural work for immigrants and young people to be reintegrated.

Hosting and formation

 The foundation G. Paolo II° of Firenze, in cooperation with Centro di accoglienza Padre Nostro di Palermo, la Missione Speranza e carità of Fratel Biagio Conte from Palermo e il Consorzio Bia (fornitore di prodotto Viviverde Coop):

  • They are selecting some young people from the communities of Fratel Biagio Conte and the centre Padre Nostro of don Pino Puglisi.
  • The selected people will be formed with Italian language, Italian in agriculture and with a course for farming “theory
  • The selected people will also be guided during the period of 4 months of “internship” which will take place among the farms members of the consortium Bia
  • They will be guided during the entire formation activity and they will obtain a certificate at the end of the internship
  • The farms of the consortium will also manage the work placement of the hosted workers and they also feed a database of qualified agricultural workers.

Funding sources

From time to time Bia will develop project, in collaboration with its customers, in which partly Bia and partly its customers will donate part of the value of the sales of organic products to the financing of the project.


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