Paestum Project


In the territory of Capaccio, where a high number of immigrants is present and where the youth unemployment rate and the risk of exploitation of irregular agricultural workforce are high, we started a co-operation project in order to manage at our best the job placement of some young immigrants.


  • Fondazione della Comunità Salernitana
  • Consorzio di cooperative sociali la Rada
  • Mestieri Campania scs, social cooperative
  • OP La Maggiolina
  • Consorzio Bia

The mission of the “Fondazione della Comunità Salernitana” is the culture of giving.
This foundation aims at improving the quality of life and helps to carry out projects on the entire territory of Salerno thanks to the support of all.
This foundation is aware of all non-profit organizations present on the territory and for this project, it co-operates with the “Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali La Rada
The “Consorzio La Rada” manages many residential facilities for the “secondary reception” of all asylum seekers and holders of international protection status. This consortium is part of the wide immigrants hosting net which was born thanks to the System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR), promoted by the Internal Affairs Ministry and handled by the adherent Councils in collaboration with Third Sector Organizations.

We forecast that basic material interventions (room and board) will be delivered in an integrated way. Moreover, activities of social inclusion to promote individual autonomy will be provided to immigrants.
For every hosts of these hosting projects, the cooperatives prepare a personalized program. Usually, these programs last 12 months that includes the linguistic-cultural mediation, material hosting, medical assistance, psychological support, legal help, L2 linguistic formation, orientation to local services, work and education placement, the help with housing autonomy.

Regarding the job placement for asylum seekers, the “Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali La Rada” promotes this thanks to the agency “Mestieri Campania”.

Mestieri Campania is the job agency authorized by the Internal Affair Minister and accredited by the Campania region for the supply of job services. Mestieri Campania, in order to manage the activity in the field of job placement, has chosen to adopt the social enterprise formula.

Mestieri Campania is part of the cooperative group CGM, the greatest group of social enterprises within the Italian borders, and the “Consorzio La Rada” is part of it.
This networs grants responsibility towards local communities aimed at promoting the well-being of citizens and companies.
Mestieri Campania promotes the construction of stable bonds with partners of public and private sectors to offer quality services at contained costs and to create social cohesion, approaching job and services demand and supply.

Our member OP La Maggiolina, whose main production is sited in the territory of Capaccio (Salerno), together with the Consorzio Bia, have decided to start a project that should lead to a training course in the agricultural work of some guests of the SPRAR of the Consorzio La Rada.


Six months of internship partly financed by the “Consorzio La Rada” and partly for the “Consorzio Bia” and from “Op la Maggiolina” should lead to a direct employment of these immigrants at the company of OP la Maggiolina. This internship will include a linguistic support to the interns, in order to help their employment.

For the first internship contract a boy from Ghana has been chosen and the work should start from the end of December 2018.

A second internship contract should start in mid-January 2019 and if these experiences will have a positive outcome, before the summer we will be starting a third internship contract.

If these youth will show effort and seriousness during their internship, they will be employed directly by the farm and through their job, they will be able to grant themselves a full integration into the society that hosted them.


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