Environmental Sustainability

We firmly believe that our time on earth must grant a better and cleaner planet to our future generations

Us, agricultural operators, who gain our income and means of support from the earth itself, we own the moral duty to leave a cleaner and healthier earth to our future generations. An earth which shall continue giving its wonderful fruits. For this reason, we chose to operate in the organic farming.

Also, by considering the water as an authentic source of life, we search for irrigation systems which can reduce the waste as much as possible.

La maggior parte dei nostri centri di lavorazione è dotata di impianti fotovoltaici, in modo da non utilizzare, per quanto possibile, energia da fonti fossili.

Most of our working centres are equipped with photovoltaic panels. This way, we aim to avoid as much as possible the use energy originating from fossil fuels.
One part of the lands of our farms is left uncultivated to allow the indigenous flora and fauna of each territory to have restocking areas; at the same time, these uncultivated lands represent a protection barrier for the cultivated farms against the pollution which comes from the neighbouring non-organic farms.