The Farms

Today, the members and holding farms of Consorzio Bia are 11.

Some of these farms are companies with a single owner, some are owned by a family group, and some others are cooperatives that own other farms.

They are mainly located in southern Italy; particularly in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Campania and Sardinia.

One of these farms also has a production site located in Martinengo, province of Bergamo (where the Valerian salad and the spinach are produced). Another company is situated in Trevenzuolo, province of Verona, where some northern Italy products are processed (lowland apples and pears). Moreover, one of our members (Bio Meran) is specialized in organic mountain apples coming from South Tyrol.

Some farms are also strongly cooperating with us, but they are not yet members of the consortium. These farms have productions from Campania’s area (strawberries, turnip greens, Annurca apple).

Each farm is leader in its own productions and together, we cover all main Italian productions.

Bia’s farms are all Italian and invest exclusively in the Italian production.


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Albunia Farm: 40.354210, 15.030740
Montella Bio: 40.995600, 14.207400
Biomeran: 46.669600, 11.159400
Azienda agricola Naturbio: 41.240300, 16.501000
Azienda agricola Biofarm: 45.291900, 10.883800
La Maggiolina: 40.617500, 15.056900
La Maggiolina: 45.570400, 9.767380
Azienda agricola Cerro: 40.479100, 15.045900
Prima Bio: 41.677000, 15.587500
Azienda agricola Romanazzi: 40.619600, 16.928800
Azienda agricola Naturbio: 41.240300, 16.501000
Azienda agricola Fovea Bio: 41.499400, 15.331600
OP Carpenaturam: 39.595500, 16.519100
S’atra Sardigna soc. coop. Agricola: 39.294200, 9.092970
Bioheaven (Agnello): 36.778100, 14.914300
Op Aposicilia: 38.087900, 13.503100
Cooperativa agricola Agroviva: 36.996600, 14.425400
Azienda Agricola F.lli Ferrera: 36.785800, 14.526300
Azienda Agricola Acinapura: 40.100200, 16.615600
Centro Distribuzione Nord: 44.136400, 12.242200